Revanth T – Significance of Prosperity and Adversity

June 2, 2019 ()

Bible Text: Ecclesiastes 7:1 – 14 |


Perspective is everything. Every decision we make is based on a perspective or a worldview that reflects our understanding of reality. It is a set of lenses through which we look at the world that shows other people what we think of reality or how we view the world. One of the most crucial lessons to learn in this sin contaminated world is for us to know how to handle prosperity and how to handle adversity. Today, when we go through tough times, how are we going to handle it? When God takes us through times of prosperity and wealth, how are we going to handle that?  What do we as believers need to understand about prosperity and adversity to have the right perspective about them, so that we can handle them in the most godly perspective possible?

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